Tue. - Feb 9, 2021 - Alg 1 (C7)
3-6 Analyzing Lines of Fit
Goal (SWBAT):
Find the lines of best fit for a data set and evaluate its goodness of fit
In-Class Agenda:
1. Collect data re: finger and foot lengths
2. Graph data
3. Find trend line by hand
4. Find trend line using TI-84
5. Causation v correlation
6. Interpolation and extrapolation
#4 Book, 3-6 Read pp126-132, Do p133 (9, 12, 14-19, 22-25)
(null): Alg1 Book 3-6 Practice
Alg1 Book 3-6 Practice
(null): HSM18_A1_T03_L06_PPS
(null): A1 3-6 Analyzing Lines of Fit NOTES
A1 3-6 Analyzing Lines of Fit NOTES
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