Fri. - Feb 14, 2020 - Alg 1 CP Cycle 7
(FIELD TRIP) 4-1 Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing
Goal (SWBAT):
Solve a system of linear equations by graphing
1. Intro to LinSys
2. Vocabulary
3. Checking if a point is a solution
4. Solving by graphing: Go Eat Cookies
5. What happens when the lines are wonky?
6. Application
7. Use tech to solve the universe
#2 4-1 Read pp143-147, Do p148 (11, 13-21, 25) [Due Wed 2/25]
(null): A1 CL 4_1-3 LinSys
A1 CL 4_1-3 LinSys
(null): Alg1 Book 4-1 Practice
Alg1 Book 4-1 Practice
(null): A1 4-1a
A1 4-1a
(null): HSM18_A1_T04_L01_PPS
(null): A1 4-1b LinSys Graphing
A1 4-1b LinSys Graphing
Web Links:
A1 4-1a Day 1 VIDEO- Checking Solutions
A1 4-1c VIDEO Application
A1 4-1d Using TI-84 to Solve LinSys
A1 4-1b Day 2 VIDEO- Solving LinSys by Graphing