Tue. - Oct 1, 2019 - Alg 1 CP Cycle 7
1-4 Literal Equations & Formulas
Goal (SWBAT):
Rewrite and use literal equations to solve problems.
* Warm up: what are the steps used to solve an equation? How does that change when using letters?
* Common literal equations
- Interest
- Distance
- Perimeter
- Temp
* Solving for variable
* Solving for variable and then evaluating
* Practice
1-4 Read pp24-27, Do p28 (11-31 odd) [Due Wed]
Material Needed:
Pearson Realize
(null): A1 1-7 Literal Equations
A1 1-7 Literal Equations
(null): Alg1 Book 1-4 Practice
Alg1 Book 1-4 Practice
(null): M3 Q1 W2 Add Int
M3 Q1 W2 Add Int
(null): HSM18_A1_T01_L04_PPS
1-4 ODD answers
Web Links:
A1 1-4 VIDEO