Mon. - Feb 10, 2020 - Alg 2 Cycle 3
4-5 Quadratic Equations: Graphing
Goal (SWBAT):
To solve quadratic equations using graphing
1. Warm Up: solve QE by factoring
2. Solve by graphing: watch this video and take notes.
3. Practice solving using your graphing calculator
#10 4-5 p229 (18-35) (Due Thu)
Chapter 4 Videos:
(null): A2 Book 4-4 Factoring Quadratics
Alg2 Book 4-5
(null): A2 4-5b Solving QE Graphing Tables
A2 4-5b Solving QE Graphing Tables
Web Links:
A2 4-5b Using TI to Solve Quadratics