Fri. - Mar 22, 2019 - Alg 2 Cycle 3
5-2b Polynomials, Linear Factors & Zeros
Goal (SWBAT):
To analyze the factored form of a polynomial
To write a polynomial function from its zeros
1. Watch TI-84 video to find relative max/min
2. Watch 5-2b video on pages 2-3 for notes. They can scan QR code or follow link at
3. Work on A#6 from book
#6 Book 5-2 p293 (27-39, 45) DUE Fri
(null): A2 5-2b Rel Max Min
A2 5-2b Rel Max Min
Web Links:
Alg 2 Graphing with Multiplicity
Alg 2 5-2b Pages 2-3 VIDEO
Using TI-84 to Find Max and Min
Alg 2 5-2b Pages 1-2 VIDEO