Thu. - Mar 5, 2020 - Alg 2 Cycle 3
4-7 Quadratic Formula
Goal (SWBAT):
To solve quadratic equations using the Quadratic Formula
To determine the number of solutions by using the discriminant
• Students already have the packet. We did pages 1-2 together on A#7. They will finish pages 2-3 by watching the videos (QR codes)
• Students can begin A#8 from the book (or online at
• We will work on the last two pages together on Friday
#8 4-7 p245 (11-39 odd) (Due Mon)
Chapter 4 Videos:
(null): A2 Book 4-7 Quadratic Formula
Alg2 Book 4-7
(null): A2 4-7 QF
A2 4-7 QF
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Alg 2 QF Day 1