Fri. - Feb 14, 2020 - Alg 2 Cycle 4
4-6b Completing the Square
Goal (SWBAT):
To solve equations by completing the square
To rewrite equations in vertex form
1. Warm Up: Solve QE by radical or factoring
2. Perfect square trinomials
3. finding the missing term
4. Solve QE by completing the square
a. isolate constant
b. make a = 1
c. add missing term to both sides (b/2)^2
d. factor trinomial; simplify
e. radical, solve
f. check
#6 4-6 237 (19-51 ODD) (Due Tue)
Chapter 4 Videos:
(null): A2 4-6b Completing the Square
A2 4-6b Completing the Square
(null): A2 Book 4-6 Completing the Square
Alg2 Book 4-6
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